Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Toofs!

Yes, it's official - Amelia has teeth! TWO teeth! She got her first tooth (bottom, front, right) on Friday, July 31st and her second (bottom, front, left) came in on Saturday, August 15th!
I thought it would be so weird to see her with teeth after enjoying her toothless grin for eight-and-a-half months, but actually it is so cute! She looks absolutely adorable with teeth!
I am now calling her "shark tooth" because those little chompers are sharp! She bit daddy's nose yesterday (duh, daddy, don't put your nose in the mouth of a baby with new teeth!) and it hurt!
You would've never know Amelia was teething, either. The first tooth, she was a little "off" but nothing terrible. The second tooth, she was a tiny bit "off" but not bad! She wasn't drooling a ton or anything, just chewing on everything - which she has done since she was about four months old! She is such a good girl (do I say that enough or what??!!)


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