Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blog Slacker

I have been a blog slacker for the last month or so. So what's happened?
Most importantly, Amelia had a cardiologist visit on November 4. The echo of her heart showed that her holes have closed and that there is minimal valve regurgitation in the mitral and tricuspid valves. Her cardiologist, Dr. Turner, said he would be very pleased if all AV Canal surgeries had these results.
We then got some bad news that Amelia is having preventricular contractions ~ in layman's terms, she has some beats that originate in the bottom of her heart rather than the top. She had to wear a "Holter" monitor for 24 hours to have a continuous EKG. She did very well with it! We sent it back to Dr. Turner and JUST got the results today that he is "not concerned" with what he saw over the 24 hours. He thinks her PVCs are benign and we will just check it out in ONE YEAR! Yes, we don't have to go to the cardiologist until next November! It's bittersweet ~ I like having Mia double-checked, but at the same time, we have to let her heal and let her heart get to "normal". I was so bummed out after the cardiologist visit ~ that it's always one thing after another for my baby girl. Today was happy because we got good news from Dr. Turner!
Mia also had an follow up with the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor at U of M. The doctor scoped her throat to look at the vocal cords and her paralysis is GONE! I got to see it with my own eyes while he scoped her. He also looked at the recording of the scope from June and it is totally different. The doctor said there is no reason we need to come back. Good news!
Amelia is a fighter. She takes all of this in stride. I know she is just a baby, but she could be fussy, crabby, whiney ~ she is NONE of these things during all the tests, waiting and doctor's offices we have to deal with.
So...what's coming up? Amelia's FIRST BIRTHDAY!! Her party is on Saturday, November 21. I am trying to make it the best birthday party ever because how many times do you turn 1? (well, once, I guess!) I am so excited to celebrate her first birthday, but at the same time so emotional about her turning one. It's just surreal to me that last year at this time I was so frustrated that I was still pregnant and wanted to meet Amelia so bad. Now, it's a year later, I made it through "learning" how to be a mommy, post partum, Amelia's open heart surgery, and now, here we are. I never knew how unbelievably wonderful my life would be as a mommy, but it just keeps getting better!


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